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Head injuries. Concussions.  Heat illnesses.  Migraines.  What new product may help treat the effects of all these conditions?

Well, let’s start with head injuries and concussions:



We believe that ice should be added to the treatment protocols for head injuries. Please look around this website and see why.  Peruse the RESEARCH section and see the growing numbers of studies proving that ice or therapeutic hypothermia is still the MOST potent neuroprotectant out there.   And yet it is not even being used?  Why are we waiting?

With no major complications known with the use of ice, it is our opinion that using therapeutic hypothermia (ice) should be used in all mild repetitive hits to the head (football practice, sparring, heading in soccer, etc.) as well as large hits (i.e. concussion).   This should not stop you from seeing your doctor!  Just like you would ice your knee right after the injury before you see the orthopedist, the same should hold true for your head.  You or your athlete should be iced after practice (if it was a day with multiple small hits) or right after a concussion.  Do not waste time!  Icing as fast as possible stops some of the micro damage from the injury. After the ice is in place, follow the same protocol as you did before.

Please contact us with your thoughts.  There are more and more studies ongoing about the use of ice for head injuries.  The military is exploring this in the depth, for obvious reasons.   If you can figure some way on your own to ice an athlete’s head on the sideline that is cold enough, comfortable enough and portable enough, then please consider trying it.   If you cannot (it took us a year and a half to come up with something) then consider purchasing the CRYOHELMET for yourself, your child or your team.

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